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    Adams, Ron, (Picture Worth 1000 Words)
    Akintola, Abiola, (Lean On Me)
    Allen, Shelisa, (I.N.B.I.O)
    Alston, Morris, (Mal and the Flag)
    Archie, Mason, (Favorite Fishing Hole)
    Artist Unknown (Hand Stand)
    BAIA (Collector T-Shirt, Est. 2010)
    from $30.00
    Banks, Michael (Large Monochromatic Mask No. 2)
    Bearden, Romare, (Delilah)
    Bearden, Romare, (Prologue to Troy, Before Troy)
    Bedia, José, (Untitled)
    Biggers, John (Old Woman)
    Biggers, John, (At Risk)
    Black American Portraits (Hardcover) (NEW)
    Black Art In America (BAIA Collector Rhinestone T-Shirts)
    from $50.00
    Black Art In America (Collector T-Shirt, BLK/RED)
    from $30.00
    Black Art In America (Collector T-Shirt, EAST POINT (BLK))
    from $30.00
    Black Art In America (Collector T-Shirt, EAST POINT, WHITE
    from $30.00
    Black Art In America (Collector T-Shirt, Est. 1619 (BLK))
    from $30.00
    Black Art In America (Collector T-Shirt, Est. 1619 WHITE)
    from $30.00
    Black Art In America (Collector T-Shirt, STAR)
    from $30.00
    Bloede, Dana, (The Power of Your Inner Being)
    Book: AFRICOBRA: Message to the People (Hardcover) (NEW)
    Book: Amy Sherald, The World We Make (Hardcover) (NEW)
    Book: Etched in Collective History (Paperback) (NEW)
    Book: Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power (HARDCOVER) (NEW)
    Book: Writing the Future: Basquiat and the Hip-Hop Generation (Hardcover) (NEW)
    Book: Young Gifted and Black: A New Generation of Artists (Hardcover) (NEW)
    Brown, Dalton, (Portrait of Man)
    Brown, Larry, (Untitled)
    Campbell, Eugene, (Debutante Ball)
    Campbell, Leroy, (It Starts Here)
    Carter, William S., (Untitled 1939 (Woman on Bench)
    Catlett, Elizabeth (Faces For Two Worlds)
    Catlett, Elizabeth, (Children With Flowers)
    Catlett, Elizabeth, (Double Profile)
    Catlett, Elizabeth, (Harriet)
    Cayetano, Jurell, (Paula and Arielle)
    Cayetano, Jurell, (Tierra)
    Cayetano, Jurell, (Untitled)
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