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    Downs, Conversations In The Abstract #113
    Walton, Ronald (Pride)
    Dorsey, Najee (Return to Eden #10)
    (Lessons That Leads to Blessings) by Kevin Cole
    Cox, Cedric Michael, (Bundles of Rhythm Set In Green)
    Cox, Cedric Michael, (Diamonds Thrust)
    Terry, Lawrence (Searching For Starlight Series: Hear the Writing on the Wall)
    Laurent, Reginald, (The Mood Is Yellow)
    Dorsey, Najee (Return to Eden #7)
    Cox, Cedric Michael, (Flower Through Stained Glass 2)
    Dorsey, Najee (Untitled Small Landscape 6)
    Hollingsworth, Alvin C., (Untitled)
    Laurent, Reginald, (Organic Sunshine)
    Cole, Kevin, (Ladder for Aretha)
    Dorsey, Najee (Had a seat, took a stand)
    Terry, Lawrence (Searching For Starlight Series: Reflection)
    Terry, Lawrence (A Goldfinch Chirps In Early Spring)
    Dorsey, Najee (Somewhere Familiar)
    Sammons, Robert, (Circa 2001 #2)
    Sammons, Robert, (Circa 2001 #3)
    Dorsey, Najee (Untitled Small Landscape 3)
    Dorsey, Najee (South End of Town)
    Shedrick, Deborah, (Shining Star)
    Brown, Victor W. (Mozambique)
    Brown, Victor W. (Black Peru)
    Thompson, Mildred (Heliocentric I)
    Thompson, Mildred (Advancing Impulses)
    Dorsey, Najee (Landscape)
    Brown, Victor W. (Slave Market)
    Scott, John, (Window Moth)
    Walton, Ronald (Search For A New Land)
    Walton, Ronald (Cornrows)
    Walton, Ronald (Palette of Souls)
    Cole, Kevin, (In Times IV)
    Cole, Kevin, (In Times III)
    Dorsey, Najee (Untitled Small Landscape 2)
    Cole, Kevin, (In Times II)
    Downs, Conversations In The Abstract #114
    Downs, Conversations In The Abstract #111
    Cox, Cedric Michael, (Tomlin's Last Stand)
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    Landscapes for Richard Mayhew

    April 4th - May 4th
    Curator's Talk:

    Landscapes for Richard Mayhew

    Saturday, April 13