Najee Dorsey chronicles moments in Black life throughout history. Born in Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1973, this visual artist and publisher of Black Art in America has become known for his mixed media collage, digital media collage images of little known and unsung historical figures, as well as nostalgic scenes from African American life in the southern United States. In Dorsey’s view, “Stories untold are stories forgotten.”
    Leaving Mississippi is a collection of works that' exemplify the deep southern roots that permeate Najee's work. Many characters in his evocative imagery are of well-known individuals and family, as well as beautiful stand-ins for humanity.
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    Dorsey, Najee, (Return to Eden #1)
    Dorsey, Najee (Pickles and Peppermint)
    Dorsey, Najee, (G.O.A.T.)
    Dorsey, Najee (Woman in Interior)
    Dorsey, Najee (Young Kamala)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Gullah Jack)
    Dorsey, Najee, (R.D.'s Backroom)
    Dorsey, Najee (Lil Mike #2)
    Dorsey, Najee (Basquiat 2020)
    Dorsey, Najee (Indiana Slim)
    Dorsey, Najee (3rd Generation Property Owner)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Blu and Bat Boy)
    Dorsey, Najee (Listening Room Limited Edt.)
    Dorsey, Najee (Couples' Retreat)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Cherokee Black)
    Dorsey, Najee (Anamnesis Biggers and Eugene)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Gene’s Family Home)
    Dorsey, Najee (Hold On To Love)
    Dorsey, Najee, (UpSouth)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Here Comes The Champ)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Tenderness)
    Dorsey, Najee (In Big Mama's Kitchen)
    Dorsey, Najee, (French Fries and Hot Sauce)
    Dorsey, Najee (Aspirations of Legacy)
    Dorsey, Najee (Blind Tom crossing Horace King Bridge)
    Dorsey, Najee, (All American)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Somewhere Near Eden)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Out of New Orleans)
    Dorsey, Najee (Liberty Legends)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Return to Eden #2)
    Dorsey, Najee (Peacock On A Leash)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Deep Down in the Mississippi Delta)
    Dorsey, Najee (Strategy, Gullah Jack Series)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Mr. Peacock Jones)
    Dorsey, Najee (Sum Tater Pie)
    Dorsey, Najee (Midnight Stroll)
    Dorsey, Najee (In the Shadow of Greatness)
    Dorsey, Najee (Winter In America)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Feeling It)
    Dorsey, Najee (It's Complicated)
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