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    Zakee, Kenneth (The Dancers)
    Christian, Carl (Amazing Grace #3)
    Neal, Eleanor (Quiet Existence)
    Washington, Richard (Undeleted Rhyme)
    Washington, Richard (Xagerated History)
    Robinson, Vernon (Machineless)
    Haynes, Sean (Soul Cypher #3)
    Clinton, Zerric (Steadiness in Turmoil)
    Tuttle, Lisa (South End Pawleys Island)
    Alexander, Jim (Nancy Wilson Live 1986)
    Allen, Jonas (Uncertainers)
    Allen, Jonas (Sanguinity)
    Cole, Kevin, (Wrestling With My Passion)
    Laurent Reginald, (First Day Of Spring)
    Phillips, Derrick (VOTE 2020)
    Reid, Karla (Sunrise Sunset)
    Lofton, Lionel (Pretty in Yellow)
    Okonkwo, Nnamdi, (Sacred Family)
    Okonkwo, Nnamdi, (Sky Goddess)
    Okonkwo, Nnamdi, (Lean on Me)
    Akintayo, Akintobi (Èyíwùnmí (What I Desire))
    Akintayo, Akintobi (Woman, Beauty and Character)
    Akintayo, Akintobi (Sultress II)
    Akintayo, Akintobi (Títa Ríro (Pain and Beauty of Hairdo))
    Akintayo, Akintobi (Àhámó (Cell))
    Akintayo, Akintobi (Àbèké (Beg to Care For Her))
    Brown, Victor W. (Tulsa at Ten O’Clock)
    Brown, Victor W. (Mozambique)
    Brown, Victor W. (Lovata's Pearls)
    Brown, Victor W. (Coltrane)
    Brown, Victor W. (Black Peru)
    Brown, Victor W. (Augustus Calvin)
    Rolando, Odine (Artist in Studio)
    Rolando, Odine (Reclining Woman)
    Taylor, James, (Waiting on Lee Street)
    Williams, Brittney Leeanne, (Untitled Study #3)
    Williams, Brittney Leeanne, (Untitled Study #2)
    Williams, Brittney Leeanne, (Untitled Study #1)
    Brown, Stacey (Granny Stroll)
    Brown, Stacey (Bus Stop)
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