For the past 136 years, The Coca-Cola Company has been proud of its Georgia-born heritage while it has refreshed countless people in communities across Georgia and around the world. Our hometown of Atlanta is a place unlike any other, rich with history and made up of a diverse tapestry of neighborhoods, communities and consumers.

To celebrate our hometown, including its neighborhoods with unique personalities and culture, The Coca-Cola Company is partnering with eight local artists, with diverse backgrounds, to commission murals in and around Metro Atlanta. The company is innovating ways to feature its brands in the social tapestry of neighborhoods across the city.

The first-ever Coca-Cola mural was painted on the side of Young Brothers Pharmacy in Cartersville, Ga., in 1894. Since then, it has served as a physical symbol of the connection to the customers and communities we serve every day.

With this Atlanta mural project, we want to both recognize and acknowledge our hometown roots while also honoring the diverse makeup and history of the city we love.

Black Art In America’s New Gallery & Sculpture Garden Features Mural by Famed Atlanta Artist Fabian Williams’
The recently-opened Black Art In America Gallery and Sculpture Garden at 1802 Connally Drive in East Point is the proud host of a new mural by renowned visual artist, Fabian Williams. The full-service art gallery, open Thursday through Saturday from 11am to 6pm and on other days by appointment, sits on nearly an acre of land and is fronted by a sculpture garden. Williams’ mural adorns the building’s side, a massive 80 x 14-foot work of art depicting several young, enlightened beings riding clouds while holding a book or sitting lotus position with eyes closed, meditating.
“The mural sits in the middle of East Point, in a predominantly black neighborhood on the wall of the newly opened, black-owned Black Art In America,” recently offered Williams. “The theme asks that younger people imagine the world they actually want to live in. Too often we stress that we have to fix the problems of the generation before us, knowing that to make a better world, we need new and brave ideas on how to move forward. This mural is about meditating on that brave new world that they will imagine starting now.”
William’s colorful mural was sponsored by Coca-Cola as part of an ongoing partnership with seven local artists of diverse backgrounds to commission murals in and around Metro Atlanta that celebrate the city, its neighborhoods, its unique personalities and culture. As an organization, Coca-Cola wishes to recognize and acknowledge its hometown as a place unlike any other, rich with history and made up of a diverse tapestry of neighborhoods, communities, and consumers.





Lela Brunet

Buckhead (34 Irby Ave)

Vitamin Water

Caleb Morris

West End (1010 White Street)

Coca-Cola TM

Fabian Williams

East Point (1802 Connally Drive)


Greg Mike

East Atlanta Village (1242 Glenwood Ave SE)

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Helen Choi

Virginia Highland (810 North Highland NE)

Coca-Cola TM



Ponce (410 Ponce De Leon Ave)

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Paper Frank

Midtown (Colony Square)

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Travis Love

Atlanta University Center – Coming Soon

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