"Her Voice Sings" is a group exhibit showcasing a range of creative expression of works by women artists. The collection includes paintings, mixed media, textile, sculpture and quilts. Featured works are by artists local to Atlanta and by contemporary emerging and seasoned artists from around the nation.

    Featuring works by: Phyllis Stephens, K. Joy Peters, Wynter Bell, Honey Pierre, Tonia Mitchell, Wendy Kendrick, Deborah Shedrick, Zoya Taylor, Monica Brown, Tae Jackson, Sachi Rome, Angela Carter, Kai Young, Tina Dunkley, Stefanie Jackson, Daphne Arthur and Gwendolyn Aqui-Brooks.

    Read more about the art and artist: https://www.blackartinamerica.com/blogs/news/her-voice-sings-if-only-the-patchwork-could-talk

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    Taylor, Zoya, (Lost and Found Again)
    Brown, Monica (Held By Grace)
    Bell, Wynter (Furthest This From the Sun)
    Mitchell, Tonia (Untitled: Charm Quilt)
    Holder, Robin, (Jammin for New Orleans 2)
    Mitchell, Tonia (Untitled: Cowrie Shell Quilt)
    Brown, Monica (I Prayed for You Before You Were Born I)
    Holder, Robin, (Five Spot 3)
    Shedrick, Deborah, (Hibernation)
    Pierre, Honey (Jump I)
    Brown, Monica, (Flora Smiles)
    Holder, Robin, (Blue Note 7)
    Brown, Monica, (Nothing Was Lost)
    Shedrick, Deborah, (Shining Star)
    Brown, Monica, (Encapsulated)
    Brown, Monica, (Glimpse)
    Taylor, Zoya, (Urban Cowboy)
    Taylor, Zoya, (Me and My Shadow)
    K. Joy Peters (Hey Baby)
    Dunkley, Tina, (Blessed is The Fruit of Free Labor)
    Holder, Robin, (Louisiana Jumpstart the Night 5)
    Holder, Robin, (Vocals I)
    Carter, Angela (Haint 1)
    Carter, Angela (Happy Day)
    Aqui-Brooks, Gwendolyn, (Amaque & His Sister (Big Brother & Little Sister))
    Aqui-Brooks, Gwendolyn, (Quiet Blues)
    Holder, Robin, (First Set 5)
    Holder, Robin, (Smalls 4)
    Jackson, Stefanie (Fine and Mellow, Lady Day)
    Stephens, Phyllis, (Perfectly Flawed)
    Dunkley, Tina, (Keeping Time)
    Shedrick, Deborah, (Snowfall)
    Martin, Delita, (Hoo Doo)
    Dunkley, Tina, (Do It Any Way You Wanna II)
    Pennywell, Agape J. (Black is The First Beautiful)
    Bell, Wynter (Let Me Fix My Crown)
    Pennywell, Agape J. (Love Everything That You Need)
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