Your Own Unique Voice w/ textile artist Simone Elizabeth Saunders


Simone Elizabeth Saunders makes her New York debut with her new solo exhibition Unearthing Unicorns. Simone joins the Studio Noize fam to talk about her fantastic textile work. She explains the process behind tufting (with a tufting gun and a punch needle), her techniques to build her narratives, and her Black Nouveau aesthetic. Simone walks us through a few of the wonderful pieces and speaks about her use of animals as metaphors. It’s another great art conversation with getting to know another powerful, international Black woman artist. Listen, subscribe, and share!

Episode 162 topics include:

Unearthing Unicorns March 17 - May 13 at Claire Oliver Gallery

working on large-scale textiles

the Unicorn Tapestries

art nouveau influences

tufting guns vs punch needles

working with textiles

the Black experience in Canada

sparkles in the art

using animals as metaphors

Simone Elizabeth Saunders (she/her) is a textile artist based in Mohkinstsis - Calgary, Canada.She holds a B.F.A. with Distinction from the Alberta University of Arts in 2020.Her textiles are hand tufted in the medium of rug-making using a punch-needle and tufting machine.

Saunders explores themes of the diaspora, ancestorship and Black womanhood. Her colourful textiles highlight motifs and iconography from her Jamaican heritage and engage with socio-cultural factors reclaiming power from oppressive ideologies. Currently,

Saunders is exploring the iconography of the famed high Renaissance era Unicorn Tapestries and Art Nouveau advertising through a contemporary Black feminist lens.

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Presented by: Black Art In America

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