BAIA Talks: Robin Holder


Najee Dorsey in conversation with Robin Holder. Robin is represented in significant collections including the Library of Congress, the Clark Atlanta Collection, Yale University, The Washington State Arts Commission, The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, James E. Lewis Museum of Art, Paul R. Jones Collection of the University of Delaware, The Art Collection of Florida A&M University, The African American Museum of Cleveland, Telavi State University and the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. She has served as a panelist, lecturer, and consultant with numerous cultural, educational and art institutions.

"Racism, classism and social injustice are my motivation. My work exposes layers upon layers of cultural, political, religious and economic inequities and entitlement. I employ a combination of printmaking, drawing, painting and collaging techniques to create visual narratives that reveal challenging views of our diverse American identity. I invite you to engage in, internalize and acknowledge these uncomfortable realities. Share your truth in generating compassion and an expanded awareness of what America looks like !"

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