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Collecting art on Shop BAIA Online™ (SBO)

Shop BAIA Online was created with the collector in mind. Social media is great but unless you have the time to filter the web for choice works of art it can be overwhelming. We say live with the art YOU love. Our team of arts specialist that include collectors, artists, consultants, curators and industry leaders are here as a resource to use at your discretion.

When you're interested in a work, you can contact us directly to answer any questions you might have about the work or processing your order. There is no charge for making an inquiry or consulting with an arts specialist.

Why Open A Free Account

To maximize the Shop BAIA Online experience we recommend that established and aspiring collectors alike create a collector profile (start a free account). By providing some basic information (which we keep private), such as artists you're interested in, a general price point, and artists you may already have in your collection, your personal arts specialist will be able to better assist you to find new artists and artworks. Your specialist can also source works which aren't publicly listed on the site through our network of partners.

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Landscapes for Richard Mayhew

April 4th - May 18th