“We Are All We Need”

More people are discovering BAIA and are not only showing interest in a piece of work but want to become invested collectors.

In an effort to continue cultivating new collectors and curators, BAIA is asking for your help. 

We Tell Our Story

As the primary host of fine art shows, we want to provide an experience that will allow our event guests to see and understand the value of collecting black art.  Even more, we want to have support not only from corporate sponsors but also individual sponsorships from artists, art collectors, and industry professionals within the BAIA community like yourself.

Business Sponsorship

By becoming a sponsoring partner you are putting your brand before an audience that is actively looking to support African-American contributions to culture and society. This is a good way to align your business with those that value this initiative.

In-Kind Donation & Sponsorship

We would love to showcase your products where it makes sense to help put together an amazing experience.


Set up a monthly support and receive BAIA exclusive news, access to events, join the curators’ monthly picks, participate in live collectors chats and receive art through the mail.

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