Art Papers Partners with Newcomb Art Museum at Tulane University to Launch the
Mildred Thompson Arts Writing and Editorial Fellowship

Art Papers Partners with Newcomb Art Museum at Tulane University to Launch the Mildred Thompson Arts Writing and Editorial Fellowship Atlanta, GA (April 27, 2022)—Art Papers, in partnership with Newcomb Art Museum (NAM), is pleased to announce the launch of the Mildred Thompson Arts Writing and Editorial Fellowship.
This is a two-year Andrew W. Mellon Foundation–funded editorial position for an emerging Black arts writer/editor. The Mildred Thompson Arts Writing and Editorial Fellow will be housed at Newcomb Art Museum at Tulane University in New Orleans, will train with Atlanta-based Art Papers, and will work with academic partners within Tulane University and other educational institutions in New Orleans.

The Fellow will produce curatorial and art historical writing for NAM; receive hands-on editorial
training with Art Papers; produce public programs with both institutions; and conceptualize, edit,
and publish an issue of ART PAPERS magazine.

“I have had a keen interest in partnering with Art Papers for a long time because of its institutional history and mission,” stated Dr. Maurita Poole, director of NAM. “As we strive to transform arts ecosystems and provide greater access to arts journalism and criticism, it made sense to reach out to an organization based in the American South that has provided nuanced and critical perspectives about the arts for over forty years.”

The fellowship is named in honor of Mildred Thompson, associate editor of ART PAPERS from 1989 to 1997. Thompson, herself an artistic force who is only now beginning to receive longoverdue recognition for her artwork, was responsible for interviewing leading Black artists, cultural producers, and thought leaders of the time. She challenged the White establishment artworld for its lack of diversity—and she did it from Atlanta, in the pages of ART PAPERS. This editorial fellowship builds upon her legacy.
Conceptualized as part of Art Papers’ Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility efforts, the fellowship received seed funding from AEC Trust and The Homestead Foundation to pilot the program in 2022.
“This partnership with the Newcomb Art Museum enables the program to bypass the pilot phase and move directly to implementation,” stated Saskia Benjamin, executive director of Art Papers. “It will foster new talent in our field and will bring a more diverse viewpoint to the work we do. This role will help address the systemic inequity that exists within our field, while adding nuance and complexity to our own work, which benefits our audience and the field more broadly.”
The goal of this editorial appointment is to increase under-represented perspectives in the field of arts criticism and journalism; develop more diverse voices in publishing; and impart inclusive  writing practices that can undo existing norms within arts-related institutions and the public sphere which are informed by structural inequality, stereotypes, and exclusionary practices. In addition, this partnership expands the coverage of the arts in New Orleans, in Louisiana, and in the Gulf South within an international-facing publication.
Interested applicants should refer to the job posting for the “Mildred Thompson Arts Writer and
Assistant Editor” on the Tulane University website at
About Art Papers
For 46 years Art Papers has provided multiple platforms for publishing and presenting diverse voices and critical perspectives on the cultural moments and urgent conversations happening in and beyond the art world. The organization is committed to creating space for diverse voices and amplifying them, especially ones that have historically been marginalized in the art world.
Art Papers empowers its contributors and artists to share a perspective on the art world that does not center Whiteness, heteronormativity, or ableist narratives. Based in Atlanta, Art Papers represents the American South globally and offers an under-represented perspective on the global art world, in a way that champions important work being produced outside of cultural capitals and mainstream markets.
About Newcomb Art Museum
Created in 1996, Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane University builds upon the legacy of Newcomb College (the first degree-granting coordinate college for women in the U.S., existing from 1886-2006) and celebrates the college’s vision for education, social enterprise, and artistic experience. Today, the museum cares for a permanent collection of over 7,000 artworks and presents contemporary art exhibitions and interdisciplinary programs. The exhibitions and programs highlight the contributions of women to art and design, and feature work of artists from historically under-represented communities to foster the exchange of ideas, civic dialogue, and community transformation. The museum also deploys the faculty expertise of a Research 1 University to explore socially engaged art and provide opportunities for a new generation of museum professionals.

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