The Three-Piece

Artists by the Numbers

Three works of art. Two minutes each. One artist.

The Three-Piece.

3… Three works. Straight outta the collections of Black Art In America comes three compelling pieces of art for this week, including Crosshairs, Urban networking, and Red bottom blues.

2… Two minutes. We encourage you to take at least two minutes to view each of these works, study them, and connect with them. See which ones speak to you, challenge you, and-or inspire you.

1… One artist. The artist behind today’s works is Paul Goodnight, whose art has been his saving grace in his recovery from traumatic experience in Vietnam when he lost his ability to speak from witnessing the horrors of war. Though some thought he had lost his mind, Goodnight knew he hadn’t and began to express his trauma through his drawings. Upon regaining his voice, he enrolled in Vesper George School of Art and eventually earned a bachelor’s degree from Massachusetts College of Art in 1976.

Goodnight has developed his own unique aesthetic philosophy to document the humanity of Black people around the world. He often incorporates African themes and symbols to provide depths of history and culture. He has traveled extensively, living among the people of Russia, China, Haiti, Nicaragua and Brazil. What he finds are the universal themes for his work seen through diverse cultural lenses.

Okay, now that you’ve been briefed, we’re gonna hit ya with The Three-Piece:

“Crosshairs” by Paul Goodnight –
45×34″ oils — unframed

“Red bottom blues” by Paul Goodnight –
29×40″ pastel — unframed

“Urban networking” by Paul Goodnight –
32×44″ pastel — unframed


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