The Three-Piece: Adam Masava

Artists by the Numbers

Three works of art. Two minutes each. One artist.

The Three-Piece.

3… Three works. Straight outta the collections of Black Art In America comes three compelling pieces of art for this week, including Epic Ride, Wholesale Delivery, and Water Tank Delivery.

2… Two minutes. We encourage you to take at least two minutes to view each of these works, study them, and connect with them. See which ones speak to you, challenge you, and-or inspire you.

1… One artist. The artist behind today’s works is Adam Masava, a Kenyan artist and teacher, who grew up in the Mukuru kwa Njenga slums of East Nairobi. Currently, most of the work he creates portrays life in the informal settlement, giving detail and depth to the environment in which he grew up. His commitment to the area he calls home is exemplified by his volunteer work teaching kids from various Nairobi slums, including Mukuru kwa Njenga and Kibera. Adam developed his unique styles for over a decade. His experience, talent, and generosity have given rise to several other area artists through his creation of the Mukuri Arts Club, which facilitates the learning and mentorship of many aspiring artists from Nairobi.


Okay, now that you’ve been briefed, we’re gonna hit ya with The Three-Piece:



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