The Three-Piece: Kevin Johnson

Artists by the Numbers

Three works of art. Two minutes each. One artist.

The Three-Piece.

3… Three works. Straight outta the collections of Black Art In America comes three compelling pieces of art for this week, including Blue, To My Surprise, and Freedom and Solitude.

2… Two minutes. We encourage you to take at least two minutes to view each of these works, study them, and connect with them. See which ones speak to you, challenge you, and-or inspire you.

1… One artist. The artist behind today’s works is Kevin Johnson, who loves “using bright colors and painting images of people and how they move through life. It’s amazing, to me, how we can change from day to day.”  Consistently, the Colorado-based painter, concept artist, graphic designer, sculptor, and animator is known for his striking employment of vibrant colors and depictions of everyday people progressing, evolving through life. A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Johnson pulls his images from childhood memories, life experiences, and his active imagination, with friends and family inspiring several works. Primarily working in acrylic but known to “dive into oil paint from time to time,” Johnson paints positive figures and images, ones that leave us hopeful, enchanted, inspired.

Johnson is a retired 21-year member of the U.S. Army whose work has been purchased by the likes of celebrity collector and former NBA baller, Grant Hill. He lives in Colorado with his wife and six children.


Okay, now that you’ve been briefed, we’re gonna hit ya with The Three-Piece:



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