Connecting through Art


Five works of art. One theme. The FIVE Spot.                                                                              

This week’s theme at the FIVE Spot is MAY IN THE GARDEN, as we present five works of art connected by gardening in the month of May! May is commonly recognized as a popular month to tend to your garden whether you are just breaking ground, planting seeds, or nurturing the soil. It is also a great time, especially here in 2021, to smell the roses and recognize that we are still here, laughing, smiling, growing, enjoying the sunshine, and dancing in the rain.    

Consistently, these five works of art are birthed from the very soul of the garden as they depict a stunning and colorful variety of natural imagery. They include “Sweet Amelia’s Garden” by Phyllis Stephens; “Freedoms Song Bird #2”; “Freedoms Song Bird #5”; “Prayerful” by Tamara Natalie Madden; and “Big Mama Picking Greens.”

We encourage you to take at least five minutes to view them, study them, and connect with them.

That way, you can see which ones hit the spot.


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