The FIVE Spot: Keepin’ it Natural

Connecting through Art


Johnson, Kevin, (Soul Sista)

“Soul Sista” by Kevin Johnson

Five works of art. One theme. The FIVE Spot.                                                                              

This week’s theme at the FIVE Spot is Keepin’ it Natural, as we present five works of art connected by the powerful imagery of natural hairstyles. Our hair is a unique part of our identity, our incomparable journey, and our crowns tell the story. It is an account steeped in past and present; in self and community; in joy and pain; in struggle and triumph; and, ultimately, in pride and self-acceptance. Indeed, our hair can say a lot about who we are, how we see ourselves, and what we’ve been through. 

These five compelling works of art, rendered by five emerging and established artists, capture the beauty, majesty, and freedom of natural hair as it tellingly frames the bold, take-no-prisoners expression of a sunglass-wearing queen [“Soul Sista” by Kevin Johnson]; the quiet, introspective demeanor of a resilient dreamer [“Quiet Time” by Joyce Lomax]; the concerned-yet-committed maternal contemplation of a contemporary Madonna [“Madonna” by Elizabeth Catlett]; the still gaze of a child coming of age too soon [“Stillness Speaks” by Karen Powell]; and the upright posture of a brother undeterred by tribulation and the call of angels [“Elijah and the Seven Trumpets” by John Singletary].

We encourage you to take at least five minutes to view them, study them, and connect with them.

That way, you can see which ones hit the spot.

Powell, Karen, (Stillness Speaks)Catlett, Elizabeth, (Madonna)Lomax, Joyce, (Quiet Time)Singletary, John, (Elijah and the Seven Trumpets)