Greetings BAIA Fam,

I am writing to inform you of an important update for The Tipping Point submissions

“The Tipping Point: The Moment That Made The Difference” is an upcoming series coming to that will put the spotlight on you, our contemporary artists. The idea is to provide a forum for you to tell readers about that “make or break” moment that either defined you as an artist or took your art to the next level.

For Item 4 of the submissions process (see below), we have decided to do this portion as an audio segment rather than a written one.  This way, artists can tell their own Tipping Point stories in their own voice.

For those who have already submitted a written response to Item 4, no worries. Simply record yourself reading your written version and submit, and we will add it to your photo and artwork.

Please review the updated criteria below.

Here’s what we need from you:

1) a short bio (no more than 150 words; may be edited)

2) an image of one select work 

3) a picture of you (preferably in the studio) 

4) a cleanly recorded response (no background noise) to the following question in 60 seconds or less:                                                                                                 

What “make or break” moment or obstacle either defined you as an artist or took your art to a different level?

Please submit this information with the subject line, “The Tipping Point”, to

As you know, since 2010, BAIA has documented, preserved, and promoted the contributions of the African American visual arts community. This latest offering of The Tipping Point will further our mission by promoting contemporary artists such as yourselves while informing our readers of your unique path to becoming an artist.

BAIA is looking forward to highlighting many unique stories with “The Tipping Point.”


Najee Dorsey, CEO