An Arts And Mental Health Communities Online Benefit Auction

Who are we? The Fundamentals From The HeArt Foundation (FFTH) is a two part entity that flourishes at the intersection of the Arts and Mental Health communities. Courtesy of our artistic community, we will strive to alleviate the financial barriers that create disparities within populations who have limited access to quality mental health services. 

Fundamentals – serves underinsured populations who currently are facing financial barriers to mental health services. 

From the HeArt – works to promote artists and artistry in varying communities to establish creative spaces where individuals can perform, create, and learn various forms of art. 

Our website is IG:@ffthe_art FB: @fundamentalsfromtheheart 

What do we do? FFTH aims to increase access to mental health services by decreasing financial barriers. The goal of FFTH is to fund mental health counseling through consumerism of the arts. Individuals who meet criteria will be afforded the opportunity to choose the therapist and attend 6 to twelve sessions of mental health counseling, free of charge. FFTH will establish a network of therapists to provide these services to identified clients. 

Criteria: FFTH acts as a health care “scholarship” program. This scholarship will finance the costs for mental health therapy sessions. The targeted population consists of individuals who do not currently possess insurance for mental health treatment, or a high deductible that exceeds $1500 which hinders them from accessing services. This benefit can cover couple’s counseling, individual counseling, and family counseling. 

Artist: Elizabeth Henley – Tulsa, OK — Starting Bid:$125.00

Where are we located? Various cities in the U.S. The initial establishment will begin in Tulsa, OK. We are planning to expand to additional cities once we become more established. 

When will this begin? May 2020 – Mental Health Awareness Month 

Why is this important? Service cost or lack of insurance coverage is the most frequently cited reason for not using mental health services across all racial/ethnic groups. Increasing access to mental health treatment through financial assistance, 

could potentially decrease stigma and increase the number of individuals voluntarily willing to utilize mental health treatment as a healthy coping skill. 

Confidence by A Braggs – Tulsa, OK — Starting Bid:$300.00

Art is the tangible form of emotional expression, it stimulates mental and emotional acuity. Research has shown that participation in the arts decreases symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD and some phobias.  , and will in turn encourage individuals to express themselves through methods that promote healing. 

How: The primary source of income will come from in-person fundraising events centered around art (Gallery Shows, Art Auctions, Paint/Wine Events, Authors, Music Concerts, Comedy Shows, etc.) May 2020, we will host an artist talk/art auction to promote the organization as well as raise funds to begin the program. 

HeArtwork Art Auction 

We are hosting an online art auction during the month of May on ( to raise $10,000 to kickstart our operations. 

Proceeds from the auction will go to the artists at the set auction price, and the overage will go to FFTH, which will utilize these funds to pay for identified individuals to attend therapy with one of our therapy partners. 

Brianna Nechelle Elizabeth Henley – Tulsa, OK Sheena Lewis – Gainesville, FL Larry Bowler – Dallas, TX Johntae Carter – Tulsa, OK Gay Mason – Tulsa, OK Christina Miller – Cleveland, OH Aundria Braggs – Tulsa, OK Ryan Coleman – Atlanta, GA Brian Ellison – Houston, TX Melisa Brown – Charlotte, NC Gabie Casteneda – Tulsa, OK Sha’Na Smith – Tulsa, OK