Black Art In America Legacy Project

Black Art in America wants to gift you something special free of charge. What’s the gift you ask? It’s the restoration of a vintage family photograph. Starting May 09, 2020, Black Art In America Facebook Live at 2:00 PM EST where artist Tokie Rome-Taylor will restore a damaged vintage family photo (using photoshop) that has been submitted by a follower of BAIA. We will do this free of charge for a deserving family as our gift to preserve a legacy one photo at a time. This will also serve as a free art lesson for artists and others interested in learning to use photoshop for this purpose.

Stories untold are stories forgotten:
So if you are interested in BAIA considering your family photo for preservation drop us a line and a photograph and tell us WHY it would be important to you and your family for us to select yours for restoration. Who were they, what service they were to others and the community and what would it mean to you. These are all good reasons to consider as we make our selections. All compelling stories and images will be given great consideration. Post your thoughts and photograph in the comment section below with the hashtag #baialegacyproject — If you prefer to share your story and photograph via email, email us at using the subject line #baialegacyproject.


(Video) BAIA Legacy Project 1st Submission: Elijah 1854