If art was no longer your day job what would you be doing?

My passion for the arts is equaled by my passion for animals. The study and care for animals of all species interests me greatly. So if art was no longer my “day job” Zoology could quickly fill that void.

What figure in history would easily represent your alter ego?

I would like to think Malcolm X would be that historical figure that represents my alter ego. A figure with humans faults in hand but has the supreme abilities to overcome them and champion the day. And more important to possess the desire and wear with all to advocate for humanity and mankind.

What movie can you watch over and over again?

I can watch The Color Purple, Uptown Saturday Night and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly over and over again.

What do you ultimately want to be remembered for?

I would like to be remembered as an individual who cared. Cared for freedom,equality and humanity. Cared to the point where it became the focus and main drive of the artistic work. To be remembered for the work I created in attempting to sway the tide against racism, greed and fear.

Favorite childhood candy?
Even as a young kid I never had a taste for candy. But pastries, cookies, cakes and pie are a different story. Baked goods is what I had my eye and stomach eyeballing.

The artwork of Jules Arthur is the expression of an informed and curious mind, a creative soul and a careful but sympathetic heart. The common thread within the diverse themes of his canvases is the portrayal of the human condition as experienced by individual personalities, framed by his art at the instant of poignancy. His works reveal personal moments of pride and introspection, of struggle and triumph. The result is sometimes touched by a haunting sense of despair, but far more often Jules shows us hardship yielding to internal beauty, dignity, uplift and hope. His visualizations are rendered with the deft draftsmanship of a skillful artisan and technician.

Offered as impressions of everyday life, Jules’ art also provides, an observant viewer, the opportunity to peer beneath the veil of personality and circumstance, to emotionally and viscerally connect with the world in which the subject lives and to perceive the soul of the person that abides within the surface image. The eyes of the subjects in many of his works are living entry points carrying the observer on a journey into their world, wherein both the specific and universal humanity of that individual are shown to us in surprising fashion by the artist. Viewing his gallery of art as a body of work in progress, one can see both the movement of a historical arc paying homage and tribute to those who have come before and his inquiries into diverse themes of contemporaneous life. Jules variously employs a wide range of art medium techniques, from charcoal to oil painting and enjoys the creative use of woods, metals, paper, leather and more, often in a multi-media mix presentation. An artist’s love of humankind in all its diversity is a prime motivator in his outlook and artistic sensibility. His work ranges from portraiture to historical themes and include some experimentation with abstract studies.

Born in St. Louis, MO, Jules was raised with strong values and a moral sensibility that has become a wellspring source for the insights expressed in his work. With an educational background in visual arts and his studied observations of life, he is able to combine passion and tradition into visual stories of human endeavor.  In 1995 he moved to New York City to attend The School of Visual Arts where he received a B.F.A. with honors in 1999.  The following year, he was privileged to receive guidance from Robert Blackburn while attending the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop. Since then, he has been the recipient of awards and has been given a commending review in the New York Times for his “deft draftsmanship.”  Committed to the path of a lifelong student of life and art, he can be found frequently in continuing course studies at the renowned Art Students League in New York City.  He states, “If one is to master the human form one must remain in constant pursuit of it.”

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