This artist has been considered one of the most innovative minds of our time. _________ is a contemporary conceptual artist who examines racial passing and racism. Her work Cornered is a video recording where she expresses her blackness although because of her fair skin she can pass for white. She is a street performer, writer, and visual artist. She received a master’s and doctorate in Philosophy from Harvard University in 1977 and 1981 respectively.

In the 1970s, she began a series of street performances under the collective title, Catalysis, which included actions such as, painting her clothes with white paint and wearing a sign that read, “Wet Paint”, and going to Macy’s department store to shop for gloves and sunglasses; stuffing a huge white towel into her mouth and riding the bus, subway, and Empire State Building elevator; and dousing herself in a mixture of vinegar, eggs, milk, and cod liver oil and then spending a week moving around New York’s subway and bookstores.

Test your Art I.Q. #18: Who Am I ?


>>>>Don’t know the answer, highlight over this line Adrian Piper (b. 1948)<<<<