Each month our Black Art in America Patrons on the Collector level are asked to share their top picks of artists that they would like BAIA to feature.  Find out how to join the BAIA Patreon Curators Circle by becoming a patron here.  Below are the artists we were asked to feature by this month’s Curators Circle.

Victor Ekpuk

Victor Ekpuk

Maidens and Suitors by Victor Ekpuk

Victor Ekpuk is a Nigerian-American artist based in Washington, DC.

His art, which began as an exploration of nsibidi “traditional” graphics and writing systems in Nigeria, has evolved to embrace a wider spectrum of meaning that is rooted in African and global contemporary art discourses.

Mbobo Series 5 by Victor Ekpuk

Guided by the aesthetic philosophy nsibidi, where sign systems are used to convey ideas, Ekpuk re-imagines graphic symbols from diverse cultures to form a personal style of mark making that results in the interplay of art and writing.

Ekpuk’s art reflects his experiences as a global artist.  “The subject matter of my work deals with the human condition explained through themes that are both universal and specific: family, gender, politics, culture and Identity”  -Victor Ekpuk

Learn more about Victor Ekpuk at his website: http://www.victorekpuk.com/

Dean Mitchell

Watercolor Artist Magazine named Dean Mitchell one of the Top 25 Watercolor Artists of the past twenty five years.

Dean Mitchell manages to find the quiet poetry in the subjects of his paintings that may otherwise be overlooked, such as in the down-at-heel houses featured in Damp Morning. The open space in the center of the composition forms a place for the eye to rest and meditate.  Source: Artists Network

Dean’s Art can be found in different Galleries around the country, including Marie Brooks Gallery in Quincy, FL.

Learn more about Dean Mitchell at his website: https://deanmitchellstudio.com/

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