“This article is missing a lot of history. How do you have this conversation without acknowledging June Kelly, Nnamdi gallery, Essie Green, Kenkelabah gallery and others. For me its interesting that the existing gallery operating in NYC in your article is Jack Shainman Gallery, please. Its paid propaganda at best or editorial neglect to say the least. Also to say we have no great black galleries you must first define what makes a gallery great. If I allow YOU to determine greatness among galleries than you also determine greatness for the artists … meaning only the artists you represent are great. (Mr Charlie’s ice is always colder). Let’s not have the conversation about how art at its highest “financial” level is more about the transfer of wealth than it has to do with art. Remember spices were once traded for gold and diamonds. #understandGAME” – Najee Dorsey

Najee Dorsey is Founder / CEO of Black Art in America (BAIA), (Garden Art for the Soul, Do YOU Basel, EVERYTHANG BLACK, ShopBAIA.COM) and an avid collector and patron of the arts. Black Art In America (BAIA) is the leading online social network focused on African-American art.

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