Viridian’s 29th Annual International Juried Exhibit

Juried by Johanna Burton,

Curator at the New Museum

June 19 – July 14

Beverly Smith “Cherry Picking” 43″ x 33″ ; Mixed media quilt

1st prize – Beverly Smith

2nd prize – Song Park

3rd prize – Samantha Lamprecht

Shayee Awoyomi • Chellis Baird • David Bartlett • M. Mark Bauer • Sara Catapano • Andrew Chalfen • Christopher Daniggelis • Gina DeCagna • Uday Dhar • Steph Gorin • Maki Hajika Christopher Daniggelis • Gina DeCagna • Uday Dhar • Steph Gorin • Maki Hajika • Nadia Yaron • Zach Zecha • Shayee Awoyomi • Chellis Baird ~ David Bartlett •
M. Mark Bauer • Sara Catapano • Andrew Chalfen 

Sara Catapano “Unrequieted” 45″ x 14″ x 14″; Stoneware, Upholstered Table

Chelsea: Viridian Artists Inc. is pleased to present our 29th International Juried Exhibition curated by Johanna Burton, Curator at the New Museum. The exhibition opens June 19th and continues through July 14th, 2018. In celebration, a special reception will be held on Thursday, June 21st, 6-8pm. We are especially pleased to present cash awards to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of this important competition that brings the art of emerging and under-recognized artists to the attention of museum curators.

Ms. Burton was selected to be this year’s juror of our annual competition because of a recent exhibition she curated at New Museum entitled “Trigger” that included much fascinating art addressing many issues particularly relevant in today’s world.

Hyun Jung Ji “Mute” 22″ x 28″ ; Gouache on paper

Jingmei Han Untitled 48″ x 36″ ; Oil paint and photo collage on wood

As always, Viridian makes a concerted effort to expand the opportunities for outstanding artists’ work to be seen and exhibited. Consequently, the gallery director, Vernita Nemec, also selects artwork from those submitted that will be viewable in digital form. We hope to exhibit those Ms. Nemec has selected in another exhibit entitled “Director’s Choice” during next season. We feel it important to tangibly demonstrate that curatorial choice is often as much about personal taste as it is about the “quality” of the art for “quality” in art is often open to opinion.

The competition selection as always was difficult, but especially so for the nature of art in our world today encompasses a wide variety of methods, materials and conceptualizations of what art is. Curiously, both Ms. Burton and Ms. Nemec selected many of the same artists, despite the many outstanding and diverse submissions.

More than 400 artists submitted over 1200 submissions, a daunting task, but Johanna Burton, who juried this year’s competition, did an outstanding job. We look forward to sharing this fascinating exhibition of timely contemporary art by artists we are sure you will see more of in the future.

“Director’s Choice” to be presented digitally

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 21, 6 – 8 PM

Panel Discussion: Thursday, July 12, 7pm

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 12-6PM

Song Park “metamorphosis” 6’ x 5’ ; oil on linen