Social Justice Art Project

The vests are to be exhibited and often donned by performance artists in venues around the USA 2017-19 Contact:


By Alonzo Davis with studio assistants Kayla Beyer, Aaron Cooper, Bob Donahue, Adalberto Garcia, Kay Lindsey & Tsedaye Makonnen. This series uses ballistic vests with mixed media as the platform for addressing current social justice issues. The project is funded by the Puffin Foundation, AIM Hatch Fund, The Prince George’s County, Maryland Arts and Humanities Council and private citizens.  Website:


In an effort to bring attention to power relationships within the United States, Alonzo Davis’s project is using “bullet proof vests” worn by law enforcement as visual metaphors. The vests are embellished with collaged photographs, paint, tags, and will be displayed, suspended and worn by performance artists.

We are seeking more opportunities to expand this project and reach out to greater audiences. If you’re interested in hosting the exhibit/experience and or performance, please email

Pictured from left: trumpet players Andrew Velez & Muneer Nasser, singer Megan Livingston, DJ Kristen Iverson, Kayla Beyer, Artistic Director Tsedaye Makonnen , in collaboration with artist Alonzo Davis’ “A Reflection On Current Social Justice Issues” project.

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