BAIA Takes Chicago

On Friday, May 18th the Black Art in America team made its way to Chicago, IL. Najee Dorsey was invited by Diasporal Rhythms to present a lecture on Art & Influence: Black Art in the Age of Social Media at the Smart Museum of Art. That lecture was the following day, May 19th and was followed by a reception and pop-up show at the Cornell Village.

Najee Dorsey and the Black Art in America™ team would like to express the utmost gratitude to you, for being in attendance of the Art & Influence: Black Art in American in the Age of Social Media lecture at the Smart Museum of Art as well as the reception, and art exhibition at Cornell Village this past weekend.

It is when we attend events like these, art communities are merged and important relationships established that contribute to the growth of African – American art initiatives. We hope that you enjoyed yourself, and that you found the lecture to be informative. We would love to see you our next events.


Najee & Seteria Dorsey,
Diamond Gass, & Raven Henderson
(Team BAIA)
Howardena Pindell – What Remains to Be Seen – Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

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Recap Video


Najee Dorsey, Founder and CEO of Black Art In America was invited to give a talk at the Smart Museum of Art hosted by Diasporal Rhythms May 19th, 2018. This video recaps the travel from Columbus, GA to Chicago and many of the events that took place. Always visit for more

Howardena Pindell –
What Remains to Been Seen

Closing Weekend of Exhibition

In the late 1960’s, Howardena Pindell (America, b. 1943) arrive in New York and began to quietly revolutionize painting. At the time when the most-celebrated painters were singularly concerned with color and form on canvas, Pindell was exploding radically new materials and methods. She cut canvas and sewed it back together in irregular shapes, adding glitter, perfume, paper, and baby powder until her works’ surfaces were thick, textured, and three-dimensional. In 1979, spurred on by urgent political issues in the art world coupled with a near-death experience, Pindell began to bring here social activism into her art in unprecedented ways.

Howardena Piindell: What Remains To Be Seen celebrates an artist who challenged -and changed – the acceptable forms and subjects of paintings. The exhibition was organized around major developments in the artist’s fifty year career.

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We had the opportunity to provide the following free lesson plan to the BAIA community.

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