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Karen and Sharon Mackey of Mackey Twins Art Gallery talk about up coming NY show

In this episode of BAIA Talks, Najee has a candid conversation with the sisters of Mackey Twins Art Gallery, Karen and Sharon. They discuss their upcoming April 20th New York show, Intellectual Property : Art & Politics, how they got into the art industry, and the importance of collecting art.

Mackey Twins Art Gallery

Intellectual Property : Art & Politics

 April 20, 2018 – The Interchurch Center, New York, NY

Some of the work to be featured at Intellectual Property : Art & Politics…

Karen Mackey Witherspoon and Sharon Mackey McGee, or “The Twins” as they are affectionately called, started as art collectors but soon realized that artists of color were not significantly represented or adequately supported in the larger community.  In that pursuit, the mission was born and  The Mackey Twins Art Gallery opened in  2004.

The mission of the Gallery is to develop communities of collectors, saturate homes and businesses with fine art, educate, and teach non-collectors how they can invest in collecting fine art.

As the Vice President of Government, Community, and Cultural Affairs at The City College of New York, Karen serves as the chief liaison with elected officials, government agencies, and community leaders.  In addition, her office is responsible for events management at the premier performing arts and cultural center of campus.

Sharon is the Executive Director of Continuing and Professional Studies, also at The City College of New York, where she oversees professional development, certification, and implementation of innovative programs and outreach.

In spite of their individual professional demands they maintain a commitment to service and see their “art” work as a “calling”, hence their slogan – Driven, Guided and Directed by the Spirit.