BAIA Talks : Interview with Jonathon Romain – turning a School into Community Arts Center

In this installment of BAIA Talks, Najee Dorsey interviews Jonathon Romain and they discuss Greely School, the school he and his wife, Nikki, purchased in their community of Peoria, IL in hopes of converting it into a community arts center.


 Help Jonathon Romain turn School into Community Arts Center

The Story

Jonathon and Nikki Romain are in the process of purchasing Greeley School, a 45, 000 square foot building,  and turning it into a community arts center.  The Community Arts Center, Artists ReEnvisioning Tomorrow (ART, Inc.), is a non-profit with a mission to inspire and empower the community through the arts.

Our goal is to provide affordable studio space for artists. Those artists, in exchange for the space, will teach various forms of art to individuals in the community of Peoria, IL free of charge.

Some of the most crucial hours in young people’s lives are right after school.  We want to fill those hours with fun, creative, productive, and educational programs. For many of these children this will be their introduction to the art programs. We are hoping it will be as transformative for them as it was for us.

After Peoria, IL was ranked #1 on the website list of the “worst” cities for black Americans, Jonathon and Nikki Romain believe that, in purchasing this old school, we will provide a beacon of light and hope to a community that’s often overlooked.

Generous supporters like you will provide the financial resources that enable youth in the community to create art, prepare for college, and explore new opportunities. Help us make an impact.