Houston Museum of African American Culture is pleased to present ‘Over There Some Place’

Exhibition Dates : February 3, 2018 – April 14, 2017

Lakita Costner
‘Stop reminding me I’m a black female artist because I just want to be known as a dope artist’
mixed media
 The Houston Museum of African American Culture is pleased to present to you Over There Some Place, an exhibition composed of works by emerging artists in Houston, Texas curated by Dominic R. Clay. The artists featured are Vernon Akili, Blake Bean, Mack Bishop, Lee Carrier, Lakita Costner, Christie Leday, Romeo Clay Robinson and Farrah Smith. The work on view will discuss the idea of deference within the African Diaspora from a southern perspective. Each artist will provide contextual ideas of identity through their own practicing mediums.
Cohesive yet ambiguous, the title of Over There Some Place derives from a sculptural piece created by Houston native artist and Rome Prize Winner Bert Long, Jr… In 1987, Bert created a piece entitled Over Here, Some Where, Over There Some Place. Aesthetically, Bert used ten different mediums to create a piece in rumination of wonder and gander. A bird perched upon a mossy branch embodies a motif of oversight inside of uncharted territory.
This title furthermore encompasses a very important homage to African American identity and the result of geological displacement. In spite of the separation of land and language, these artisans will celebrate our beautiful diaspora through their own chosen disciplines.

Strong is Beautiful by Vernon Akili, mixed media

African Hut by Mack Bishop, sculpture

Still on the Auctioning Block by Blake Bean, mixed media

Black in Texas by Lee Carrier, mixed media