Black Art In America™ is a multifaceted media platform and gallery. Our strength has been in cultivating an engaged audience of collectors, artists, and industry professionals, and we invite you to take advantage of marketing to our family of art lovers. We are in our 11th year and have produced art shows in N.Y., Kansas City, Mo, Miami, Philadelphia, Houston along with numerous private shows throughout the U.S.

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There is no better way than BAIA, to reach an audience interested in Black Art and Culture, made even easier with our designated Black Art in America (BAIA) Newsletter / E-blasts. In a month, typically we reach more than 750,000 people through our social media pages and over 20,000 email subscribers.

*Get your message in front of collectors, art enthusiasts, gallery owners, curators, critics, arts journalists, art administrators, artists and art professionals. 

*Our newsletter features content you can’t get online for above average open rates. Right in the inboxes of people you want to get your brand in front of. 

Below you will find pricing for marketing and advertising with Black Art In America:

-E-Blast (Designated) – $1500.00

-BAIA Newsletter insertion ad (4×6 postcard) – $750.00

-BAIA Quarterly print edition: Full page $3000 * Half page $2500 * Third Page $ 2000 * 1/4 Page $1500 (non profit organization discounts are available)

-Homepage Banner – $2500.00

-Social Media Advertising – Facebook/Instagram : $350.00 (per)

-BAIA Talks Podcast – $2900 (per episode) includes interview and production

– Custom marketing packages available across platform, contact us to discuss what you’re looking to achieve 

We are very proud of the various companies and organizations that we’ve worked with thus far, including but not limited to: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, National Black Arts Festival, Saint Louis Art Museum, Weschler’s Auctioneers, Treadway Toomey, Swann Auction Galleries, University of Texas Press, March on Washington Film Festival

To place an advertisement with BAIA or discuss a custom advertising package email us at, or call 706 992 6210