This collection features our women artists.
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    Aqui-Brooks, Gwendolyn, (A Prince For All Seasons)
    Aqui-Brooks, Gwendolyn, (Amaque & His Sister (Big Brother & Little Sister))
    Aqui-Brooks, Gwendolyn, (Big Brother and Little Sis)
    Aqui-Brooks, Gwendolyn, (Circular Movement)
    Aqui-Brooks, Gwendolyn, (End Of The Set)
    Aqui-Brooks, Gwendolyn, (Love Them Cats)
    Aqui-Brooks, Gwendolyn, (Misty Mood)
    Aqui-Brooks, Gwendolyn, (On Our Special Day)
    Aqui-Brooks, Gwendolyn, (Quiet Blues)
    Aqui-Brooks, Gwendolyn, (Sunday Morning)
    Aqui-Brooks, Gwendolyn, (The Flower Girl)
    Aqui-Brooks, Gwendolyn, (The Twists and Turns of Life)
    Bloede, Dana, (The Power of Your Inner Being)
    Brown, Monica, (Encapsulated)
    Brown, Monica, (Equal Measure)
    Brown, Monica, (Flora Smiles)
    Brown, Monica, (Glimpse)
    Brown, Monica, (Nothing Was Lost)
    Catlett, Elizabeth (Faces For Two Worlds)
    Catlett, Elizabeth, (Children With Flowers)
    Catlett, Elizabeth, (Double Profile)
    Catlett, Elizabeth, (Harriet)
    Catlett, Elizabeth, (Madonna)
    Catlett, Elizabeth, (Sharecropper)
    Catlett, Elizabeth, (Survivor)
    Cimonta, Isolina, (Dreaming)
    Dorsey, Seteria, (N'time)
    Easter, Dana, (Untitled Doll I)
    Easter, Dana, (Untitled Doll II)
    Fulton Ross, Gale (Artist Beauford Delaney - Baldwin's Friend)
    Fulton Ross, Gale (Billie Holiday)
    Fulton Ross, Gale (Dr. MLK Jr.)
    Fulton Ross, Gale (Freedom Rights Series)
    Fulton Ross, Gale (Josephine Baker)
    Fulton Ross, Gale (Lorraine Hansberry)
    Fulton Ross, Gale (Nina Simone)
    Fulton Ross, Gale (Writer James Baldwin)
    Hall, Sandy, (Family Time II)
    Hall, Sandy, (Fishing Gang)
    Hall, Sandy, (Hershey Cab Service)
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