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    Arrowhead Beaded Necklace 2 by Wynter Bell
    Beaded Bracelet: Fire Agate by Wynter Bell
    Beaded Bracelet: Green Malachite by Wynter Bell
    Beaded Coil Ring: Onyx by Wynter Bell
    Beaded Necklace: Carnelian Ankh by Wynter Bell
    Beaded Ring: Green Malachite by Wynter Bell
    Bell, Wynter (Fruit of Life)
    Bell, Wynter (Furthest This From the Sun)
    Bell, Wynter (Is This Love)
    Bell, Wynter (Let Me Fix My Crown)
    Bell, Wynter (Self Portrait)
    Copper Chain Necklace: Black Shungite by Wynter Bell
    Copper Chain Necklace: Green Malachite by Wynter Bell
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