Three months ago Black Art In America instigated an open call for artist in preparation for the upcoming “Small Works" show; offering a gentle nudge to artist to tackle the challenge of creating under a size constraint, only allowing for work 16” x 20” and under to be displayed. After recieving over 300 submissions from around the US and extending various invitationals to artist, we are happy to anounce that the show will be opening on January 4th at Black Art In America Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. This will serve as an excellent opportunity to for collectors at any stage in their journey to obtain works by notable artists, at an accessible price point.

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    Dorsey, Najee #22 (Mrs. Sylvia)
    Dorsey, Najee (R.D)
    Johnson, Kevin, (The Spirit Within #2)
    Ellis, Ted, (Me and My Mule)
    Dorsey, Najee, (I'll Fly Away)
    Taylor, James, (Solemn Woman)
    Dorsey, Najee (Return to Eden #10)
    Dorsey, Najee (Crossroads #17)
    Greer, Brian (Fliptwisting Where the Ghetto Used to Be)
    Greer, Brian (Fly Plains Drifter)
    Greer, Brian (Patiently Awaiting Word from the War)
    Kelly, Dontanarious, (Duality of Strength and Beauty)
    Bright, Kevin (Ed Hazel)
    Bright, Kevin (R3)
    Bright, Kevin ('Chauncer')
    Pennywell, Agape J. (The Sun)
    Pennywell, Agape J. (The Moon)
    Pennywell, Agape J. (The Stars)
    Wright, Shawneki (Garden)
    Wright, Shawneki (Still)
    Wright, Shawneki (In Bloom)
    Asbury, Linda (Nina Simone)
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