March on Washington Film Festival (MOWFF) is pleased to announce our fine art fundraising exhibition at Black Art In America Gallery in Atlanta!

    Join us June 8th, 5 - 9 pm for an evening with new friends, great good/drinks and fine art collecting with a purpose. Full catalog of works go live June 1st - 8th

    Black Art in America (BAIA) is the official arts partner for the MOWFF and a portion of all sales will benefit the Festival's programming.
    113 products
    Johnson, Kevin, (Looking For Hope)
    Conteh, Alfred, (Evan and Aaron)
    Hitchcock, Marlon (The Reck)
    Adewuyi, Theophilus, (The Onlooker In A New Land)
    Harris, Kevin (Songs With Birds 11th Stanza)
    Adams, Ron, (Mr. Blue)
    Thompson, Khalif, (Baldwin)
    from $3,500.00
    Barber, Jamaal, (One of Many)
    Akinola, Taoheed (Weekend Hangout 6)
    Brown, Stacey (Grocery Shop)
    Ballard, Lavett, (All About Love)
    Cantrell, Kimmy, (Bohemian Girl)
    Mims, Traci (Soul Flower)
    Bailey, Lamar, (BLK Briar)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Return to Eden #1)
    from $6,000.00
    Bearden, Romare, (Mecklenburg Morning: Sunrise for China Lamp)
    Grant Preston, Felicia (The Rainbow After the Rain)
    Nash, Woodrow, (Male figure #2)
    Akinola, Taoheed (While We're Young Series: Naivety of Childhood Diptych)
    Brown, Stacey (Simple Days)
    Mims, Traci (Matriarch)
    Hitchcock, Marlon (Mamma Called Him Clay)
    Williams, Kevin, (Baldwin Forward)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Two Generations)
    from $1,750.00
    Downs, Conversations In The Abstract #113
    Mims, Traci (Solitude)
    Dorsey, Najee (Life's a Journey)
    Mayhew, Richard, (Summation)
    Adewuyi, Theophilus, (Starlight Serenade)
    Cantrell, Kimmy, (Before I Wake)
    Archie, Mason (Quiet Time #8)
    Cantrell, Kimmy, (Paganism)
    Cortor, Eldzier , (Compositional Study No. III)
    Johnson, Kevin, (Baldwin Chillin)
    Holder, Robin, (An Awareness)
    Akinola, Taoheed (Serenity 5)
    Cole, Kevin, (Urban Hopes II)
    Cantrell, Kimmy, (Too Many Dreams)
    Cantrell, Kimmy, (Untitled)
    Catlett, Elizabeth, (Madonna)
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