Kevin E. Cole: "Truth is my work is a colorful reminder of promises unkept, imperialism still institutionalized, and stealth deceit that has stolen the dreams and birthrights of twenty generations of a once proud people. It stands in contrast to the canon just as Normal Lewis’ work stood in contrast to those who framed early abstract expressionism.

    Yet, it is misunderstood in that while it is rooted in a place of targeted tragedy, the energy that drives its curvilinear twists, knots, and loops is the energy found in the souls of ALL those who toil triumph everyday against the odds and against the unheralded tragedies of life. My work is a universal story with both hero and villain, good and evil. The narrative is embedded like html code. It is not what one sees, but it can be decoded.."

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    Cole, Kevin, (For the Sisters Who Carry the Burdens of Sistas: Florence Griffin Joyner)
    Cole, Kevin, (Embracing Challenges I)
    Cole, Kevin, (For the Sisters Who Carry the Burdens of Sistas: Rosa Parks)
    Cole, Kevin, (In Times II)
    Cole, Kevin, (In Times III)
    Cole, Kevin, (In Times IV)
    Cole, Kevin, (Ladder for Aretha)
    Cole, Kevin, (Mixed Circumstances II)
    Cole, Kevin, (Tenor Section I)
    Cole, Kevin, (Underneath Distraction)
    Cole, Kevin, (Untitled)
    Cole, Kevin, (Urban Hopes II)
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