This August 9th-11th, Black Art In America will host the 2nd edition of its annual Atlanta Fine Art Print Fair. The print fair will provide a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts, collectors, and the general public to engage with a curated selection of fine art prints. BAIA is excited to celebrate contemporary artists from around the country alongside master printmakers. This art fair will help you better understand fine art printmaking as its own unique art form.

    Join us for a weekend of artist-led workshops, panel discussions, and more. It promises to be a great time to learn about fine art prints as an asset class for fine art collectors.

    Disclaimer: Due to the continuous volume of new uploads, as we prepare for the fair, we ask that you please keep refreshing your page daily to see new collected artworks. Thank You!


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    Rushing, Melinda Ruth (Brazilian Boy on Chita)
    Ringgold, Faith, (Mama Can Sing/Papa Can Blow )
    Ringgold, Faith, (All Power To The People )
    Riddle, John T. (Above)
    Quinn, Nathaniel Mary, (The Comedian)
    Pruitt, Robert, (Untitled)
    Prince, Steve, (Salt Of The Earth)
    Prince, Steve, (Psalms II: Voodoo That You Do)
    Prince, Steve, (Judges- Delilah Don't Do It)
    Prince, Steve (Guard My Heart)
    Porter, Henry, (Untitled, Girl With Braids)
    Porter, Henry, (Lady Godiva)
    Porter, Henry, (Dancing Ballerina, Dance)
    Porter, Henry, (Come to the Party)
    Orishayem, Rufus, (Ballet Dance)
    Olu, Kwaku, (Untitled)
    Nino, (1982)
    Nicely, Sammie, (Untitled)
    Mims, Traci, (Onward)
    Mims, Traci (Woodblock, We Are Warrior Goddesses)
    Mims, Traci (The Crown They Wore)
    Mims, Traci (Soul Flower)
    Mims, Traci (Solitude)
    Mims, Traci (Reflection)
    Mims, Traci (Print, We Are Warrior Goddesses)
    Mims, Traci (Pray)
    Mims, Traci (Ms. Mims)
    Mims, Traci (Middle Passage)
    Mims, Traci (Matriarch)
    Mims, Traci (Legacy)
    Mims, Traci (Jacobs Ladder)
    Mims, Traci (I Sing)
    Mims, Traci (Halo)
    Mims, Traci (Glow)
    Mills, Charles (Melon Slices)
    McNeill, Lloyd, (Workshop at Cocoran)
    McNeill, Lloyd, (Arena Stage 1968 - 1969)
    McCluney, Ed, (Walking Woman II)
    Mazloomi, Carolyn, (Certain Restrictions Do Apply)
    Mazloomi, Carolyn (Hands Up, Don't Shoot)
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    Second Annual Atlanta Fine Art Print Fair

    Aug 9th - 11th