This exhibit is dedicated to the black artist who led the way. It will run from November 3rd to December 24th at Black Art in America Gallery and Gardens in East Point. We are open Thursday-Saturday from 11:00AM - 6:00PM!

    Featuring work by: Faith Ringgold, Charles Sebree, Richmond Barthe, Samella Lewis, William Carter, Fred Jones, Louis Delsarte, Reginald Gammon, Romare Beardon, Carl Owens, David Driskell, Albert Wells, James Taylor, Elizabeth Catlett, Richard Hunt, and Freddie Styles.


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    Gammon, Reginald (Harlem On My Mind)
    Delsarte, Louis, (Movement)
    Bearden, Romare, (Prologue to Troy, Before Troy)
    Hollingsworth, Alvin C., (Madonna's Dream)
    Gammon, Reginald, (The New York Years)
    Styles, Freddie, (Untitled)
    Driskell, David C., (Purple Door For Vince)
    Taylor, James, (Untitled Man #2)
    Carter, William, (Untitled)
    Wells, Albert, (Untitled) Still Life)
    Owens, Carl (Untitled)
    Gammon, Reginald, (Bon Bon Buddies)
    Gammon, Reginald (Baby and Johnny Dobbs)
    Driskell, David C., (Gabriel)
    Sebree, Charles, (Woman With Earring)
    Ringgold, Faith, (Wynton's Tune)
    Gammon, Reginald, (The Yellow Tree)
    Jones, Fred, (Twins)
    Barthe, Richmond, (Black Narcissus)
    Adams, Ron, (Picture Worth 1000 Words)
    Bearden, Romare, (Delilah)
    Catlett, Elizabeth, (Children With Flowers)
    Lewis, Samella (Together We Stand)
    Sandock, Phyllis, (1960's Painting of Diane Sands)
    Delsarte, Louis, (Forgotten Dreams)
    Taylor, James, (Untitled Man #1)
    Taylor, James, (Bill #2)
    Taylor, James, (Woman with the Flower Barrette)
    Hunt, Richard (Untitled)
    Hollingsworth, Alvin C., (Untitled)
    Bearden, Romare, (Mecklenburg Morning: Sunrise for China Lamp)
    Bearden, Romare, (Morning)
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