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    Dorsey, Najee (Shine The Light)
    Dorsey, Najee (This My Baldwin, limited edt.)
    Thompson, Khalif, (Baldwin)
    Mims, Traci (Glow)
    Mims, Traci (Onward)
    Dorsey, Najee (Basquiat 2020)
    Conteh, Alfred, (Evan and Aaron)
    Mims, Traci (Middle Passage)
    Mims, Traci (Pray)
    Mims, Traci (Print, We Are Warrior Goddesses)
    Ringgold, Faith, (Mama Can Sing/Papa Can Blow )
    Dorsey, Najee (Baldwin In Paris)
    Mims, Traci (Beauty for My Ashes)
    Dorsey, Najee (At the End of a Long Dirt Road)
    Dorsey, Najee (Born Liberator)
    Asbury, Linda (Congressman Raphael Warnock)
    Asbury, Linda (Val Demings U.S Representative)
    Asbury, Linda (Al Sharpton)
    Asbury, Linda (Amanda Gorman)
    R, DeSande (Nina)
    Asbury, Linda (Bryan Stevenson)
    Flanigan, Broderick (Faith Ringgold (Black artists series))
    Mims, Traci (Black)
    Mims, Traci (Flowers for Their Stripes lmtd. Edition)
    Mims, Traci (Give us the Sun)
    Mims, Traci (Say His Name Keenan Anderson)
    Mims, Traci (Truth and Light)
    Mims, Traci (Freedom Rider)
    Mims, Traci (Blessed be the Fruit Diptych)
    Bearden, Romare, (Mecklenburg Morning: Sunrise for China Lamp)
    Mims, Traci (Soul Flower)
    Conteh, Alfred ( Assa)
    Ringgold, Faith, (All the Power To The People )
    Holton, Curlee Raven (Legacy)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Remembering Gullah Jack)
    Williams, Fabian (Mr. Dynomite & X-Menz N’Nem Starring James Brown)
    Williams, Fabian (Dr. Strange Starring Prince)
    Williams, Fabian (The Fire Next Time Starring James Baldwin)
    R, DeSande (Nina Simone: Humility and Strength)
    Fulton Ross, Gale (Dr. MLK Jr.)
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