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    Gammon, Reginald (Baby and Johnny Dobbs)
    Lovell, Gerald, (Untitled)
    Arthur, Daphne (Frente A Frente)
    Cole, Kevin, (Ladder for Aretha)
    Cox, Cedric Michael, (Diamonds Thrust)
    Omeh, Chinemerem (Anchor of Fog II: Self Rumination)
    Omeh, Chinemerem, (Anchor of Fog IV)
    Johnson, Kevin, (Day Dream #2)
    Omeh, Chinemerem, (Saturated Nostalgia Series: Reliving Memories and Transition)
    Jones, Fred, (Twins)
    Brown, Stacey (Summer BBQ)
    Johnson, Kevin, (Miles Davis)
    Holston, Joseph, (Nassau Buggy)
    Brown, Stacey (Family)
    Ford, Andre (Boxing With God)
    Delsarte, Louis, (Untitled)
    Johnson, Kevin, (Just Me)
    Johnson, Kevin, (Balancing Life)
    Abdul-Musawwir, Najjar, (Untitled, Banjo Series #1)
    Nwankwo, Obiora (The In Red)
    Johnson, Kevin, (My Brother)
    Johnson, Kevin, (Baldwin Chillin)
    Johnson, Kevin, (Looking For Hope)
    Nwankwo, Obiora (Queen In Her Prime)
    Nwankwo, Obiora (First Date)
    Ford, Andre (That Girl From Impanema)
    Johnson, Kevin, (Maya Angelou)
    Walton, Ronald (Cornrows)
    Downs, Conversations In The Abstract #114
    Cole, Kevin, (For the Sisters Who Carry the Burdens of Sistas: Rosa Parks)
    Downs, Conversations In The Abstract #101
    Akintola, Abiola, (Lean On Me)
    Sebree, Charles, (Woman With Earring)
    Johnson, Kevin, (Billie Holiday)
    Carter, William, (Untitled)
    Johnson, Kevin, (Resolving Sorrow)
    Quinn, Nathaniel Mary, (The Comedian)
    Dorsey, Najee (In The Parlor)
    Johnson, Kevin, (Poise)
    Dorsey, Najee, (Return to Eden #2)
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