Better Days: Joy And Revolution Curators Walk Through

     June 30th through July 29, 2023



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    Thompson, Mildred (Advancing Impulses)
    Criner, Charles (Little Girl #2)
    Pruitt, Robert, (Untitled)
    Lewis, Samella, (Stimulant- 2)
    Gilliam, Sam, (Marathon I)
    Marshall, Kerry James, (Everything Will Be Alright)
    Prince, Steve, (Secret Garden)
    Frazier, Frank, (Aisha 40)
    Colescott, Robert, (Whirl Champ)
    Quinn, Nathaniel Mary, (The Comedian)
    Simmons, Danny, (Deeper Desire #1)
    Marshall, Kerry James, (Keeping the Culture (set of 2))
    Adams, Ron, (Picture Worth 1000 Words)
    Limonta, Isolina, (Dreaming)
    Martin, Delita, (She Who is Brown)
    Driskell, David (Her Hat is Her Halo: (set of 2))
    Barber, Jamaal, (Something Wonderful II)
    Barber, Jamaal, (Redlining 2)
    Barber, Jamaal, (Redlining 3)
    Barber, Jamaal, (Blessed)
    Bearden, Romare, (Delilah)
    Bearden, Romare, (Prologue to Troy, Before Troy)
    Barber, Jamaal, (A Council of Women)
    Barber, Jamaal, (A Council of Women (limited edition))
    Barber, Jamaal, (Heir to the Land)
    Graham, Jerushia (Tranquility)
    Dorsey, Najee (Somewhere Familiar)
    Barber, Jamaal, (Something Wonderful IV)
    Ringgold, Faith, (Mama Can Sing/Papa Can Blow )
    Holder, Robin, (They Did More to Us Than Katrina)
    Abdul-Musawwir, Najjar, (Standing)
    Dorsey, Najee (Had a seat, took a stand)
    Dorsey, Najee (Hot seat)
    Bearden, Romare, (Mecklenburg Morning: Sunrise for China Lamp)
    Bearden, Romare, (Morning)
    Alexander, Chloe (Lady Eda)
    Alexander, Chloe (Phillis)
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