Astro Black-Theoretical Fusion Portraits: Works by Nyame Brown

    Back to the Future with Nyame Brown: A BAIA Virtual Exhibit


    “…these future representations of blackness… that becomes a certain kind of drive and to develop that, like when visualizing that, I feel like part of it is looking back, looking at some of the things across the Diaspora that are amazing and no one has ever even thought about as being jumping off points to think about future representations of blackness… How do I position myself to think about blackness in such a way that no one's ever thought about?”

    --Nyame Brown, Museum of the African Diaspora Talk, 10/7/20

    When it comes to Black visual culture, artist Nyame Oulynji Brown references the past and reimagines the present while simultaneously depicting a future unbound by traditional or current narratives of Blackness. Consistently, Brown’s work is at least as representative of black hole physics as it is of contemporary notions of race given the San Francisco-based Afrofuturist is known to create images that collapse time and space, that move beyond past, present, and future to explore an artistic singularity oscillating with rich black matter.  

    For Brown, while Black Lives Matter, Black Matter Lives as his art operates within, between, and beyond both spaces, pushing for social transformation while challenging perceived cultural boundaries and existing notions of identity, both individual and communal. Or, as his biography states, “Reimagining contemporary notions of Blackness in visual culture, he challenges traditional representation and subverts it for a richer surreal language found in folklore and African American hyperbole. His depictions provide different ways to access African American culture through an approach that seeks social transformation and community revolution...” 

    Brown’s use of media is as diverse as his take on the African Diaspora, employing painting, drawing, cut paper, blackboards, augmented reality, gaming, Hip Hop, and fashion. As a visual storyteller, he blends historical narrative and folklore with Afro-surreal aesthetics while pulling from diasporic cultural practices and symbols to create worlds of contemporary Black mythologies. 

    Black Art In America is honored to present a virtual exhibit featuring Nyame Brown, an award-winning artist, lecturer, teacher, and a recipient of numerous residencies.  The virtual exhibit will run here at BAIA starting June 27. 

    Please join us in exploring the inspired, time-warping art of Nyame Brown. 

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    Brown, Nyame (Legendary)
    Brown, Nyame (John Henry; Head in the Clouds & Drippin in the Bay)
    Brown, Nyame (Magic Shave - A Version of Aaron from Shakespear's play Titus Andronicus)
    Brown, Nyame (Aaron and Tamara from Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus)
    Brown, Nyame (Invisibleman Coding)
    Brown, Nyame (Panther 13 Taking Black Power Back to West Oakland)
    Brown, Nyame (Headlands III)
    Brown, Nyame (To Make It to the Bottom is Such a Hard Climb: John Henry Talking to Brer Gator)
    Brown, Nyame (Headlands II)
    Brown, Nyame (Black Matter)
    Brown, Nyame (Headlands I)
    Brown, Nyame (C.R.E.A.M: Cash Rule Everything Around Me)
    Brown, Nyame (Nyame Looking for AnansiI)
    BROWN, NYAME, (Yo Arms To Short To Box With Gawd)
    BROWN, NYAME, (Who Dat?)
    Brown, Nyame (Black Humor)
    Brown, Nyame (Bumpy Face Gin)
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