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So many articles are coming out about Atlanta becoming a major hub for the art world. Who decides if Atlanta has arrived? Who gets to represent the city? What does Atlanta have or need to reach this new status? There’s no one better to talk about this than Najee Dorsey. As an artist, gallery owner, art dealer, and collector, he’s been on all sides of the art ecosystem. Najee and your boy JBarber break down the parts of the ecosystem and give insights into what they’ve seen in Atlanta and the different ways to support an art community. This ain’t random people talking outside Magic City! These two brothers have seen some things and given a good insight into the moment happening around art in the South. Listen, subscribe, and share!

Episode 164 topics include:

Painting the Moment: The Time has Come for Atlanta’s African American Visual Art Scene by D Amari Jackson

describing the art ecosystem in Atlanta

developing as an art collector

buying original works

who validates an art scene

Is Atlanta’s Art Scene Finally Achieving Critical Mass? There Are Big Signs That Point to ‘Yes’ on

places to view Black art in Atlanta

the hope for Atlanta as a place for art

different ways to support artists

Since becoming a full-time artist in 2005, Najee Dorsey has become well acquainted with the trials and tribulations of most African American artists: the closed doors in the arts community, the lack of representation in art institutions, and the undervaluation of African American art and its creators by the dominant society. Being the proactive individual that he is, Najee founded Black Art In America™ (BAIA) in 2010 as a free online media platform for African American artists, collectors, art enthusiasts, and arts professionals. In the company’s conceptual stages, influencers from BAIA’s audience were surveyed and it became clear that their issues were centered on exposure, appreciation, and access to each other. BAIA™ was founded as a centralized location for profiling the African American artist -- giving members of the network access to the work of African American artists (past and contemporary), and most importantly, opportunities for interchange. Since 2010, the network has become the leading online portal and resource focused on African American art, artists, collectors, industry leaders, and arts enthusiasts. The BAIA™ online network currently has a monthly virtual reach of 750,000 people and growing.

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