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Studio Noize wants to make sure that you are handling your art business properly. We are bringing back our resident tax specialist, Esohe Galbreath with Sohe Solutions , to give the fam some tax tips and help us start to get our affairs in order. Artists do a lot of freelance work, but we still need to ensure we stay out of trouble with Uncle Sam. Esohe talks about the different deductions available to artists, how to keep track of receipts and mileage, and the consequences of NOT doing your taxes properly. Nobody wants to talk about taxes, but we got to do it! Time to get yourself and your art business all the way together. Listen, subscribe and share!

Episode 169 topics include:

important tax deadlines

what artists can deduct on taxes

how to build a habit of tracking expenses and receipts

using a tax preparer

not hiding your income from Uncle Sam

the Youth Artists Program

lifting up Black talent

Articulate ATL 2023 artist call

organizing and elevating your art business

Esohe completed her collegiate studies in Electrical Engineering at the University of Kentucky. In 2004, she began her career at UPS and held management roles in Distribution Solutions, Implementations, Operations, Engineering, and Transportation Solutions, and in her free time assisted small businesses with planning, financial documentation, and tax preparation. In 2012, Esohe merged her corporate experience with her passion for the arts and working with creatives to form Sohé Solutions – Boutique Small Business Consulting.

In early 2015, Esohe decided to dedicate 100% of her time to her entrepreneurial endeavors. Through consulting clients, Esohe discovered a love and passion for working with creatives, artists, and visionaries and with her husband George was inspired to co-found ARTiculate ATL – an annual art social featuring 30+ artists with 1,000 art enthusiast attendees; and the Youth Artists Program – a 501c3 non-profit bridging the exposure gap of some of Atlanta’s most visually talented youth. Esohe and George are also avid art collectors and recently published The Galbreath Collection: A Decade of Collecting Atlanta featuring over 100 pieces of artwork from 70 artists.

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Presented by: Black Art In America

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