Do the Work w/ artist Chris Clark

Today we got Jacksonville artist, muralist, painter, Chris Clark on the Noize! Make sure you follow Chris everywhere you can to see how vibrant and experimental an art practice can be. You’ll see him painting a mural one day, hitting you with some Midjourney collaborations the next. This type of energy is always great to see. This episode we talk about what inspires Chris and how he works across mediums to explore the themes he loves. We talk about his recent solo exhibition New Growth and we as how he approaches using AI in his art. he tells us about the shenanigans with Black Wall Street Gallery, the value of putting Black face in his murals and more about his motto: DO THE WORK! Listen, subscribe, and share!

Episode 171 topics include:

learning about Black artists

exploring AI art tools/ Midjourney

what AI generators mean for artists

how Chris uses AI imagery as reference and collaboration

having an art practice


studio space

being inspired by family

approach to making murals

New Growth solo exhibition

gallery shenanigans/ Black Wall Street Gallery

Chris Clark is an internationally recognized painter, illustrator, and muralist based in Jacksonville, FL. Renowned for his portraiture and celebration of Black culture. Clark’s captivating artwork has garnered awards and exhibitions nationwide, showcasing his exceptional talent and powerful narratives. With a distinct artistic vision, Clarks work transcends boundaries, evoking powerful emotions and fostering connections between art and viewers worldwide.

See more: Chris Clark IG @cooli_ras_art

The New York Art World Had High Hopes for Black Wall Street Gallery. Allegations Against Its Founder Have Soured Those Dreams

Presented by: Black Art In America

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