BAIA Talks - Curlee Holtons Curator Talk at the Hudgens Center


Curators talk about the show -- A Creative Adventure in Printmaking: Prints from the Experimental Printmaking Institute Curated by Curlee Holton

The Hudgens Center is proud to announce its upcoming exhibition, A Creative Adventure in Printmaking: Prints from the Experimental Printmaking Institute, curated by Curlee Holton. This exhibition and collaboration between artists and institutions represent an inspired effort to celebrate the creative process and the sharing of that engagement with audiences of artists, educators and students. This exhibition also features over 55 prints created at EPI by such renowned artists as David C. Driskell, Willie Cole, Benny Andrews, Faith Ringgold and Radcliffe Bailey.The Experimental Printmaking Institute at LaFayette College in Easton, PA was founded by Curlee Holton.

“EPI has been passionately committed to advancing the printmaking process as a dynamic and relevant art form for purposes of cultural and creative engagement. The inherent nature of the printmaking medium encourages a communal participation by artists and students alike. EPI uses traditional printmaking techniques in concert with experimental approaches as a means of expanding our visual language. This approach to image making offers us a perfect metaphor in a world of dynamic and diverse values and perspectives.” ~ Curlee Holton

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